Sustainable Design Store

”We are an INTA (National Agricultural and Livestock Technology Institute) brand that seeks to promote Argentine Family Farming businesses through the incorporation of design in production, integrating the ancestral knowledge of each region with new technologies.”

Marcela Duhalde. Creative Director

FIBRA is an initiative of the National Transfer and Outreach Coordination that, through its INTA DESIGN area, supports organizations of small rural producers in the development of collections of clothing, leather goods and decorations that are then offered in this marketing space, reaffirming INTA's role in technological innovation and generation of agribusiness. It is for this reason that INTeA and the ArgenINTA Foundation support this project, making its commercial and financial organization possible. Argentina is the country with the greatest diversity of natural fibers in the world, which are mostly in the hands of Family Farming, and it is also recognized for the excellence of its design. FIBRA merges both of these characteristics in a modern version of national identity.

The INTA Outreach System, which includes 350 units, from Ushuaia to La Quiaca, allows this marketing space to offer products from all over the country, made with native raw materials, ancestral knowledge and design.