family agriculture

Through design, artisanal Family Farming products are incorporated into modern life.

Argentina is the country with the greatest diversity of natural fibers in the world, which are mostly in the hands of Family Farming, and it is also recognized for the excellence of its design. FIBRA merges both of these characteristics in a modern version of national identity.

red puna

Is an organization that brings together peasant and indigenous peoples' cooperatives, associations and communities of the Quebrada and Puna regions of Jujuy. These communities have bred llamas since ancient times, then they shear them and collect the fiber. Part of that fiber is sold and a growing portion of it is traditionally transformed into products using loom and tricot techniques of various types to be marketed under the collective brand Red Puna. 80 families of this organization actively participate in FIBRA's collections..


(Comunidades Unidas de Molinos)

Comunidades Unidas de Molinos, is the name and collective brand of an organization that brings together 24 peasant and indigenous peoples' communities of the Calchaquí Valley in Salta, near National Highway 40. In these communities, women are usually the ones who breed the sheep in mixed herds with goats. They hand-shear their livestock and then spin the wool with a spindle while taking them to graze on the hill. They give them shelter in pens at sunset every day, to protect them from harsh weather and natural predators. They usually use the yarns to weave by hand and it is usually the men who use the looms.


creating with our hands

is a new business organization that since 2016 has brought together different associations of rural artisans from the province of Jujuy. The economy of these communities is based on the breeding of llamas and their comprehensive use, mainly for their own consumption. With the fiber of these animals, 150 families produce loom-woven and tricot fabrics that they sell in their shop in the tourist town of Purmamarca.

el kakán

(Youth Agroforestry Cooperative)

is an organization that brings together 20 families of family producers from the town of Palo Blanco, Tinogasta, in the Catamarca Puna. Through this brand they market food, wine and crafts produced by their families. Since 2017, they have been working on the conservation and hand-tanning of the goat and sheep leather produced by their families' meat consumption.